Canola is helping create healthier communities across Canada, strengthening our national economy and providing stable, good-paying jobs to hundreds of thousands of Canadians.

Canola is growing Canada’s economy

Grown on Canadian farms and exported around the world, canola is one of our nation’s most valuable crops. When you add up the total employment and wages generated by its value chain, canola contributes an average of nearly $30 billion to our economy per year – that’s almost double of Canada’s automotive manufacturing sector and bigger than our beer, dairy and seafood industries combined.

*Source: Industry overview

Canola is creating thousands of Canadian jobs

Today, more than 207,000 Canadian jobs are linked to canola. Beyond the 43,000 farmers who make a living by growing the crop, 144,000 paid jobs and an additional 63,000 family members are supported by the canola industry in a wide range of jobs, including research, farming, transport, grain elevation, processing, and refining, and ports for overseas export. This golden crop is truly bringing home the bacon, creating an average of $12 billion in wages for Canadians each year.

*Source: Economic sustainability

Canola is driving innovation and opportunity

Canola’s contribution to the Canadian economy has increased by $7.2 billion in the past decade thanks to a continued commitment to innovation and productivity. Canada’s canola processing sector is one that has experienced substantial growth in recent years. Today, 14 crushing and refining plants across the country have the capacity to crush about 11 million tonnes of canola seed each year. As our processing capacity expands, so will jobs and opportunities in Canada’s rural economy.

*Source: Strength in value-added processing

Canola is bolstering global food security

Everyone wants a piece of Canadian canola! Canada currently supplies about 60% of the world’s canola oil supply – and with an increasing appetite for healthier oils and protein, canola’s role in global food security will only continue to grow. While most know it as an affordable and healthy cooking oil and food ingredient, canola’s benefits to food security go beyond oil. The solid parts of canola seed are processed into canola meal, providing an efficient protein source for dairy herds, livestock, poultry and fish.

*Source: Social sustainability

Canola is helping Canadian communities prosper

Farming is a family business. About 97% of Canadian farms are family-owned and operated (pretty cool, hey?) and those family farms are responsible for producing approximately 20 million tonnes of canola annually. When you choose canola oil and other canola products, you are supporting rural farm families, their communities, and thousands of other Canadians who work within the canola industry.

*Source: Helping Canadian communities prosper

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