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What’s more Canadian than canola, eh?

Did you know the name canola comes from “Canada” and “oil”? Grown primarily in Western Canada, canola has become one of our country’s most valuable agricultural exports.


Supporting our farmers and our economy

Canola is an important source of income for 43,000 Canadian farmers. Today, more than 207,000 Canadian jobs are linked to canola – and the crop’s potential continues to grow.


The world loves Canadian Canola

In a few decades, canola has become one of the world’s most important oilseeds. While most associate the crop with heart-healthy cooking oil, canola is actively used in the beauty, pet food, manufacturing, biofuel, and fashion industries, alongside many others.


Doing good for the planet

Canola is used in biofuel production around the world because it’s a low-carbon, sustainable and renewable resource. Most importantly, biofuels are ready to use right now – a clear advantage over other technologies requiring gradual adoption.


A bright future

Today, canola is a true “made-in-Canada” success story and the foundation of a thriving, sustainable industry. With new innovations creating even more uses for our uniquely Canadian crop, it’s time we celebrate canola’s positive impact on Canada and the world.

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